McCarthy Election Flyer: Compare the candidates on Fernald, Accreditation, State Funding for WHS, Beaver St. Bridge and Union Contracts

Accreditation for Waltham High School

We have been made aware (by School Dept.) of good faith submissions to MSBA for science labs and $150K for a feasibility study. We want to know what direction you are going and the short and long term impacts.

“This high school is fully accredited. I think it is important that people know that.”

Janet Allison on Sept. 17, 2014

VS.“Waltham High School (WHS) is in danger of losing its accreditation in 2015.”

Tom Stanley on July 11, 2015
August 3, 2015

“... our high school is still at risk of losing accreditation because of the administration’s lack of action.”

Tom Stanley on June 22, 2015

Janet D. Allison, Director, Commission Public Schools, New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
School Committee Accreditation Presentation, September 17, 2014

Accreditation Facts

Candidate Stanley continues to make up and publish his own statements on accreditation even though he was present for Janet Allison’s statements on September 17, 2014.
NEASC Accreditation Team is coming to Waltham in 2016, not 2015 as candidate Stanley states. WHS has set up an Accreditation Committee and they have a timeline of tasks. NEASC Accreditation Team reviews 7 standards.
Since running for mayor, candidate Stanley states the administration (mayor) should have proceeded with piecemeal construction for WHS
That piecemeal approach could trigger Waltham taxpayers having to pay 100% cost for the whole high school immediately and with NO CHANCE for State subsidy.
Instead of trying to scare the citizens of Waltham with threats of imminent loss of accreditation, Mayor McCarthy continued to work through the process, taking the necessary steps to ensure the best education for Waltham students in the most updated facilities and with as much state funding as possible for the taxpayers of Waltham! That funding process is pending. See below

Minuteman and Waltham were both competing for MSBA money; some of Waltham’s request was for vocational programs. The issue was why should Waltham get money if Minuteman is going to get state funding. The Mayor and High School Principal went to a State House meeting with MSBA and the Dept. of Education staff. The Superintendent, Mayor and some School Committee members went to a State Board of Education meeting. It was resolved, and then we could be considered.

State Funding for Waltham High School

 Mayor Jeannette McCarthy  State Rep. and City Councillor Stanley
Jeannette understands the process and the need for tenacity on behalf of both the students and the taxpayers. Believes all “he had to do” is to put the superintendent in touch with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Director.

(City Council Meeting, March, 2014)

Prepare Statement of Interest (SOI) (application) (Supt.), get School Committee and City Council approval of SOI, and file SOI with MSBA. Attended one MSBA site visit years ago. Did not attend the most recent on10/9/2014.
Resolve Minuteman issue with MSBA and State DOE. (MSBA delayed Waltham’s SOI approval for a year.) Supt., WHS Principal, S.C., and the Mayor convinced state of Waltham’s need for a comprehensive high school. At the January 14, 2015 MSBA meeting, Rep. Stanley had his aide take a picture of him, tweeted it and told the News Tribune that he spoke on behalf of the district, without mentioning anyone else.
Work with MSBA Director, MSBA team, and Treasurer Grossman. In actuality, the Mayor, Superintendent, and High School Principal spoke first on behalf of the District.
Attend and participate in MSBA site visits to Waltham (3 in past). Most recent 10/9/2014.   
Testify at MSBA meeting on January 14, 2015.   
On January 14, 2015, Waltham School District was invited into the Eligibility Process based upon the work the Superintendent and her team, the School Committee, High School Principal and Mayor had done together with the City Council vote and Mayor approval of the SOI to go forward.   
The Mayor thanked ALL who helped!   

Jeannette knows the MSBA requires a complete education plan for Waltham High first, then a facilities plan.

Millions of dollars are at stake for Waltham!

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