McCarthy Election Flyer: Compare the candidates on Fernald, Accreditation, State Funding for WHS, Beaver St. Bridge and Union Contracts

The Fernald property

On July 23, 2014, at a public hearing at the State House about the Fernald property,

Rep. Thomas Stanley began his remarks with,
“There’s not much I agree with the mayor on” (TRUE)
“But we agree on Fernald” (NOT REALLY!)

Fernald is the largest parcel of land inside 128/95 and actively sought by developers.

Compare the Candidates on Fernald

Found a way to get it done! Doesn’t even represent Ward 4-2 (Fernald District) at the State House! (State House web site)
Multiple lawsuits between the state and Fernald guardians delayed the sale to theCity. Hasn’t since 2011!
Resolved stalemate by getting the guardians to agree to the City as landlord and exercised the City’s Right of First Refusal to the adjacent Shriver parcel which allowed and prompted the state to move forward because they did not want to sell it piecemeal.   On passage of the Fernald Legislation in July 2014, Rep. Stanley said, “...he has worked on the Legislation for 14 years...” (Boston Globe 8/7/14)
Worked out the terms of the sale, then presented it to the City Council. “I have stayed awake countless nights worrying about the fate of the Fernald land.” (Wicked Local Waltham 12/29/14)
    City Councillor Stanley
Watertown Rep. John Lawn and Lexington Senator Barrett, who actually represent the Fernald District at the State House, took over and guided the Legislation’s passage through the State House on July 31, 2014. Voted against using Community Preservation (CPA) money to purchase the front 140 acres (Trapelo Rd side) (Developers would prefer no CPA restrictions).
The sale closed on December 23, 2014. Wanted to bring Mass Development (preference of developers) in to help us out. City Council Committee voted Councillor Stanley down.
$3.7 million dollars for 190 acres. Did everything to delay sale. He said there was no rush. (News Tribune 12/9/14) But there was a rush because in early January 2015, the Governor replaced the person authorized to sign the deed. That person reports directly to the Governor.
At the closing on December 23, 2014, Rep. Stanley had his aide take a picture of him. Rep. Stanley then tweeted it out to the News Tribune as if he had done it all! But Rep./City Councillor Stanley never told the people that he doesn’t even represent the Fernald District at the State House!
 Mayor Jeannette McCarthy  State Rep. and City Councillor Stanley
 Mayor – 2004 to present, 12 years  State Rep. – 2001 to present, 15 yrs
 School Committee, 6 yrs; Council 2 yrs  City Councillor – 1998-2004, 2006 to present, 17 yrs

Whom will you trust with the Fernald property?

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