Mayoral Candidate LeBlanc says she WILL build a new police station.

April 2013 - Councillor Diane LeBlanc voted for DESIGN MONEY for the existing Police Station on Lexington Street. Council Vote 14-0. (President Waddick did not vote)(City Council Order No. 31906) With the 14-0 vote, the Chief of Police moved forward on design. The Mayor submitted 7.2 million dollars for the construction bid.

Council President LeBlanc arranged for some union members to be present to oppose the matter, as a result the City Council terminated the matter in October 2018. Then, Council President LeBlanc wanted the City Council to appoint a Committee with members she suggested. The Mayor appointed a representative Committee, including 2 City Councillors and 2 police union members.

When the Committee recommended part of the Fernald School site, (Waverley Oaks side) for a new station, Council President LeBlanc was not happy, so she requested all the minutes, and wanted all the Committee members to appear before the Council. Nothing happened with the Committee’s recommendation. The matter has been TABLED since December 2018. The project could have been finished by now.

Diane LeBlanc did everything to torpedo the project wasting $344,944.50 of taxpayers’ money spent on the design. The time to object was when the design money was voted on in 2013, not after the design was finished and bid. Instead of just telling the Police where the station can be built, Taxpayers’ money, Department time and effort and goodwill of a good-faith construction bidder were all wasted, BY A COUNCIL LEADER WHO WANTS TO BE MAYOR. WHO LOSES? THE TAXPAYERS AND THE POLICE.

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