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I Work For You!

Developers and their representatives know that the City is not for sale while I am Mayor. They can't wait to see me gone, because they know I work for you!

From Mayor Jeannette McCarthy

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Projects Completed During McCarthy Administration

The McCarthy Administration Provided over $6 Million Dollars To The Waltham Housing Authority

From Mayor Jeannette McCarthy

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Responding to Waltham Community Farms

Pledging support & protection for the Waltham Community Farms

From Mayor Jeannette McCarthy

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Responding to Land Trust

My record is clear on acquisition of open space . Approximately 300 acres have been acquired during my terms as Mayor.

From Mayor Jeannette McCarthy

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“Mayor, your rival says you are responsible for all the development in Waltham.” NOT SO.

From Mayor Jeannette McCarthy

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D. LeBlanc Raises Issues About Leadership

The Statement: Mayoral candidate Diane LeBlanc says she is “Accessible and Accountable to all City residents.”

From Mayor Jeannette McCarthy

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The Real Facts of Waltham High School.

"She said, She said..." Rumors, Speculation & Lies Circle around the New Waltham High School

From Mayor Jeannette McCarthy

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Candidate LeBlanc: "I will build a new police station."

The real circumstances that left the Police Department without a new station and the Waltham Taxpayers out almost $345,000 dollars.

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State of the Moody Street Fire Station

Details on the NEW Moody Street Fire Station.

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Frustration At Fernald

Delays & delays costing Waltham residents approximately $150,000 more than expected.

What we have not been able to do and Why?

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