In 2009, Pat Fox contacted the Mayor regarding forming an Energy Committee. An Energy Action Committee was formed to advise and assist the Mayor and all departments in all energy matters. Very talented people serve on the Committee and have been very helpful in doing research and formulating policy.

The City has been purchasing energy efficient vehicles. The Recreation Department and Energy Action Committee undertook a study regarding energy reduction at the skating rink. The Wires Department has been installing energy-saving LED lights. The School Department changed all the school gymnasiums over to energy efficient lighting. At the request of the Mayor, the Purchasing Agent was able to procure energy efficient savings in both gas and electricity. Some of the energy figures are: electricity energy savings – no less than 53% savings, natural gas saving – 31.7%, trash disposal (not collection) – 217% savings. The City also installed solar panels on the Municipal Buildings and some of the schools.

As far as the state’s Green Community Grant, the City met three of the five criteria, which includes an energy plan, fuel efficient vehicles and adoption of the new Building Stretch Code. What the City does not have is Criteria 1 – As of Right Zoning for Energy, and Criteria 2 – Expedited Permitting.

Therefore, on October 19, 2015, the City Council asked the Law Department to draft the necessary city ordinances so that the Mayor and Law Department can both certify as true that we meet the five criteria and enable the City to apply for the grant in the future.

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